• Brock

Brock's Bench #2 - Patio table trunk

The second step to completing this quest is to make the patio table stand up straight. While rummaging through my scrap bin, I happened upon a suitable length of Sapele, which I thought would be perfect for a center mounted leg, or trunk.

I stood the trunk up, then balanced the Cherry slab on it until I found the sweet spot; ideal weight distribution on all four sides. I then penciled an outline of the trunk and brought the slab to the drill press. Normally I would drill four to five holes at the same depth and chisel out the rest but this particular piece was unwieldy and I couldn't quite get to that bit below the top hole. No matter...more chiseling.

With the trunk hole properly chiseled, I set to work filling it with glue and using my rubber mallet to knock it into place. Before I attached my legs, I put a level on the slab in multiple places to ensure it was perpendicular to the trunk. Satisfied with the work thus far, I use the remaining Sapele scraps to create some shapely feet. Because of their odd stature, I had to glue them on and use tape to hold them in place. After they set, I used a Kreg mini jig to screw them into place for a permanent hold.