• Brock

Brock's Bench #3 - Patio table finishing

Now the fun has finally begun! After a good amount of sanding, I went about putting a tremendous varnish on the top of my slab. Since one side of the slab was a live edge, I decided to let the sander take a walk and leave the other sides a little wavy and imperfect, thereby making my live edge feel more at home. We here at Brock's settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to outdoor finishes, so we used Epifanes Gloss varnish on this one. Coming from the Dutch, they use it to varnish their wooden boats. I imagine that a little outdoor rain won't bother this much. We'll get to finishing the trunk and legs soon, but since they are made of Sapele, which is rot resistant, this little guy should be in great shape to last a lifetime.