• Brock

The Finishing Touch #1 - Minwax Paste Finishing Wax

Since this is the first post of hopefully many, I feel it prudent to explain the process a bit. Our vision is to showcase how different finishes work on a few common wood varieties so that you are better educated when shopping for a finish. In each test, we will use a small block of Red Oak, Sapele, and Cherry. These particular samples to the right of this text are currently Unfinished...time to get to work.

Since this is a paste, it was applied with a rag. We buy them in bulk, they are simply shreds of cotton that can be used to apply any wipe-on stains or finishes. They work great with applying stains to flat surfaces, but as you can see, the end grain catches the tiny fibers of the cloth and leaves traces on the ends of the Sapele. Overall, the finish does a nice job of darkening the wood up and keeping moisture out. We've used finishing wax on many products, even ones that have already been finished, in order to polish them up a bit. This stuff is great to have around when repairing and/or cleaning wood that has seen better days. While it can be used as your project's finish, you will probably need to reapply it as the wax doesn't penetrate the wood like an oil finish wood.