Cocobolo Ballpoint Pen

Cocobolo Ballpoint Pen

Renowned for its timbre, making high quality musical instruments, Cocobolo holds up well. It's a dense hardwood that features unmistakable reddish-brown hues with darker weaving. The pen pictured above features Chrome hardware and a Standard grip.



  • Type: Ballpoint Pen
  • Wood Species: Cocobolo
  • Ink: Black, oil-based
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Hardware finishes available: 24k Gold, Chrome, Satin Pearl, Copper, Satin Gold, or Gunmetal
  • Grip styles available: Standard or Modified



About grip styles

Brock's Shoppe pens are made to the highest standards of quality and thoughtfulness. While most people find pens comfortable with our Standard taper grip, we also offer a Modified grip that features a pronounced lip close to the tip followed by a groove for holding, or resting your fingers in.



All pens are made to order and have a lead time of one to two weeks, plus shipping. Depending on their use, most wood species will change color over time as the wood naturally ages.

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